Unleash WHOLE brain creativity with these daily exercises

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    Do you consider yourself left brained or right brained? Would you ever really want to walk around with only half of your brain at any time? Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher Daniel McCall will show you simple yoga moves that reconnect the hemispheres of the brain to unleash your WHOLE brain creativity. Do these poses daily and discover the impact of your body movements on your nervous system!

    Daniel McCall is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and a Certified igolu Communications Leader. Daniel reactivates the innate powers of imagination and genius available to everybody, and turns possibility into probability through powerful vision and goal setting training. He travels the world leading transformative yoga and  igolu programs. His curriculum incorporates body movement and creative excavation that retrains the body and mind to be more flexible, adaptable, and open  to greater possibility.

    Important: These videos are intended to be educational and do not in any way treat or diagnose an issue you may have. If you think you have a medical issue and wonder if the education in these videos might be beneficial for you, please consult a professional. 

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    Daniel McCall, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher

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