Migraines and Headaches – What They Mean

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    What causes headaches and migraines? Can they be prevented and can you do things at home to alleviate them or keep them from occurring? Abe Rummage, L.Ac, LMBT will share with you how stress headaches occur and why. He will also explain the difference between stress headaches, sinus headaches and migraines. Abe will share how and if acupuncture can help with these types of headaches.

    Abe Rummage, L.Ac, LMBT

    A resident of Denver who is also dedicated to the growth and well-being of the community, Abe is licensed and board certified in acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as therapeutic massage. He is the owner of AcuCare Clinic in Denver, NC. He has gained the respect of healthcare and medical professionals throughout the area as a result of his belief that in order to achieve the ultimate in good health for patients, it takes a collaborative effort. This team approach assures the patient’s best interest for life-long well-being is kept in mind.

    Important: These videos are intended to be educational and do not in any way treat or diagnose an issue you may have. If you think you have a medical issue and wonder if the education in these videos might be beneficial for you, please consult a professional. 

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    Abe Rummage, L.Ac, LMBT from AcuCare Clinic

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