How to use a foam roller for myofascial release

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    Foam rolling can bring the best and the worst pain. And it can be tremendously helpful with myofascial release. When your muscles are contracted and tight, a foam roller can help to relax the muscle and improve blood flow. Megan will demonstrate the proper techniques for using your foam roller.

    Megan Hively of Y2Y Wellness is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Yoga Instructor in Charlotte, NC. In 2001, she began her career in the professional world as a business analyst in corporate offices.  While she didn’t mind the work, what really got her to the office each day was the interactions she had with others.  It motivated her to be able to encourage and empower others either with work related items or in health and fitness.  She took this passion to the next level and combined it with her other passion of movement and began teaching fitness classes in 2010.

    About the same time she started working in corporate offices, she discovered yoga and instantly fell in love.  There truly wasn’t any other place that made her feel as peaceful, centered, and grounded as her yoga mat.  This passion continues to this day and she am thrilled and excited to now be able to share the amazing gift of yoga with others!

    Important: These videos are intended to be educational and do not in any way treat or diagnose an issue you may have. If you think you have a medical issue and wonder if the education in these videos might be beneficial for you, please consult a professional. 

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