Foods to Eat and Avoid for Mental Clarity and Focus

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    What causes the inability to focus during the day? Corrine Lewis from Simply Nutritious shares with us her expertise in what some common staples (that are probably found in your kitchen) are doing to help or hinder our daily ability to focus. Learn what to avoid and what to add to your diet to enhance mental clarity and focus.

    Corrine Lewis from Simply Nutritious earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Natural Health Sciences and is a Certified Nutritional Advisor, Certified Family Herbalist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor.  She is the Nutritional Consultant currently for the Davidson Centre for the Professions, Wellbeing Natural Health & Balanced Body Solutions Wellness Center, Crossroads Wellness Center, Ahlara International Wellness Center,  Statesville Market & Exchange, Troutman Farmers Market, Barium Springs Teen Living, Mooresville Pregnancy Center and a local MS group. She is also working with SouthMinster’s Retirement Community residents. She has worked with BJ’s Warehouse and Ingersoll Rand to promote Heart Healthy Lunch and Learns.

    Important: These videos are intended to be educational and do not in any way treat or diagnose an issue you may have. If you think you have a medical issue and wonder if the education in these videos might be beneficial for you, please consult a professional. 

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    Corrine Lewis, Certified Nutritional Advisor, Certified Family Herbalist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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