Effects of Homeopathic Remedies

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    Dr. Elana Gelman shares the top 5 results that you can expect from taking a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is practiced by using a remedy that closely matches the patient’s symptoms to stimulate the patient’s body to heal itself. Dr. Gelman will share what effects you can expect to see from Homeopathy and how your body might respond when taking a homeopathic remedy.

    Dr. Gelman sees patients privately in San Diego, CA at Nourish~ A Center for Balanced Living. She loves treating children and their families, helping them create healthy lives. She specializes in homeopathy, which is among the safest and most holistic of all natural medicines. She loves how individualized and how effective it can be at restoring balance in the body. Dr. Gelman has studied with world-renown homeopaths, Stephen Messer and Andre Saine, and has taken hundreds of hours of additional training of homeopathy so she can best treat her patients. She encourages anyone interested in this incredible healing modality, to watch the homeopathy videos posted on the site by clicking on Dr. Gelman’s Homeopathy Video Series.


    Important: These videos are intended to be educational and do not in any way treat or diagnose an issue you may have. If you think you have a medical issue and wonder if the education in these videos might be beneficial for you, please consult a professional. 

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    Dr. Elana Gelman

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