My top lessons from 2013

Happy New Year My Friends!

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I am the type of person who is constantly dreaming, forever reaching and as a result…never quite satisfied. That can be a really horrible feeling sometimes. I can be pretty hard on myself when things aren’t going according to plan. Apparently I have yet to learn that life seldom actually goes according to our plans. Am I right?

So as I start 2014, making goals is a given and striving to making new, amazing things happen is just a part of my DNA. What I like to do instead is give myself a good serving of perspective. I always like to look back at the start of a new year to reflect on the game changing moments of the year before. This fuels me to remember how much can happen in a year – even if it’s not in the plans!

So here goes – my 2013 game changers in life, love and business:

  • I stopped climbing. Mostly. While climbing is a very defining activity for me, sometimes it becomes the enemy of my psyche. Making me feel weak instead of strong and fearful instead of fearless. On occasion, we all have to take a break from the things we love in order to keep loving them. My body was craving a slower, more gentle, introspective pace this year. I listened and yoga fulfilled that role for me. When I’m ready to be bold and powerful again, I’ll return to climbing.
  • I learned the more I give, the more I get. Karma rules. I’ve given away more services, more time and more money than I ever have in the past. The result? A banner year in business. It seemed every time I donated or offered a freebie, I got a call for a new project. Huzzah!
  • I learned what true partnership means. In the past, I’ve found myself in relationships that were less than equal. I’m a pretty independent person, so allowing someone else to do anything for me is a very hard role for me to accept. Mainly out of habit because I’ve been doing things for myself for so many years. This year I learned the delicate dance of allowing AND giving. Of expressing what I want AND having the compassion to listen to what my other half wants. What a wonderful dynamic THAT creates!
  • I allowed myself to be introverted. People often label me as an extrovert, but I’m really rather introverted at my core. I love being around people when my energy is high and I feel confident. But this year has been an extremely quiet, introverted year for me as I assessed all that I have and all that I want. It ruffled some feathers as my inner socialite took a break. And that’s okay.
  • I learned that every day really is a choice. Life can be challenging and brutal and exhausting. But it can also be whimsical and hilarious and peaceful. 2013 dished out yet another life secret folks: the divine beauty of life really is in the details. So you can take your challenges as giant obstacles purposefully put in your way to halt your progress. OR you can look at them as opportunities to learn from and slide through life easier in the future. Every day is a choice in your attitude, your emotions and your surroundings. Choose the stories you tell. Choose the grudges you release. Choose the way you want to FEEL each day before your feet hit the floor. Choose each day to do what makes YOU happy. And if I could make a suggestion? Choose to have a more fulfilling and heartfelt 2014.

Perhaps we could all set a really simple New Years Resolution, hmm? Get happy in 2014!


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Peace, love and momentum,

MOMENTUM CHALLENGE: Be gentle with yourself as you begin 2014. I was reminded over the holidays that life isn’t a race and you can’t rush progress. Define what you want and be diligent in working toward it. Timing has it’s own sneaky way of working itself out. Don’t beat yourself up about what didn’t happen. Instead focus on what DID.

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