Happy July 1st!

What a fun season this is – cookouts, fireworks, pool days, nature in full swing. Do you remember being a kid and chasing fireflies? I can remember capturing them in jars and watching and waiting for them to illuminate their little bodies.

Just a few nights ago, I was standing on my front porch far too late into the night, watching the stars and having a private conversation with the Universe. The topic of conversation was familiar. It’s one we often indulge in. “What’s next? Give me a sign?” Staring into that black cylinder of sky, dotted with stars, have you ever wondered that? Where will you be in 10 years? Will you be happy? Struggling? At ease? Who knows.

As soon as I asked, quite a few of the seasonally rampant fireflies started flying up to me. This particular request for a sign was clear and simple. Just be a light. One little lightening bug can be seen in vivid contrast with dusk setting in. A yard full of them brings us such excitement and serenity.

What if we all did that? What if when darkness begins settling in – for ourselves or for others – we began to shine? What if we found a way to light up the dark? Or, at the very least, were able to identify those in our lives who shine when we cannot?

Here are a few simple ways to start illuminating your life:

  • Ask the question: what do I have to learn from this?
  • Get creative. Finances tight? Go take a book to the lake instead of sitting at home, sell some of your things, treat yourself to a coffee. Get back to basics but still interact with the world.
  • Frustrated at work? Focus on what IS working and take a look at how you’re contributing to the greater good of your company. And it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at how you’re contributing to the sullen nature of the situation at hand as well. Just saying. Life is all about taking responsibility.
  • Ask the question: are my words more often negative or positive lately? (See the Momentum Challenge at the top of this newsletter)
  • Life getting boring? Book a trip, plan a party with your friends, go on a hike with a beautiful view. Bottom line: try something new.
  • Have a friend going through a tough time? Offer to do what you can to help the situation feel less heavy. Invite them out to go see a funny movie, plan a surprise evening with friends, listen – and I mean really listen. Don’t indulge them in spiraling down into their anguished story again.
  • Ask the question: am I shining light or spreading darkness today?

As with anything, habits take time to develop. Beginning with awareness: how brightly am I shining today? Make small adjustments until people around you begin reflecting back about how much happier you seem or how you’ve brightened their day. Once your light begins to shine more visibly and now, unconsciously (that’s the hardest part), continue to let life surprise you, reveal it’s detailed beauty to you and invite you to be an active participant.

How do you let your light shine?

Peace, love and momentum,

MOMENTUM CHALLENGE: Ask yourself – are my words more often negative or positive throughout the day? Invite yourself to become more aware.

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