It’s that time of year again for the *free*
31-Day Give Back, Create Magic Challenge!

I’m challenging YOU to 1 small act of a kindness each day for 31 days in December. We start December 1st! Are you in?

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive an email within 10 minutes of signing up that will contain instructions about the challenge. If you’re using Gmail especially, you may need to check your spam or promotions folders to find it! IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THAT FIRST EMAIL, YOUR CHALLENGE EMAILS WILL ALSO NOT BE DELIVERED. 

We start December 1st!
Are you ready for some magic?

Each year we have over a hundred participants in this challenge! Each day in December you will receive an idea for a small way to give back. These ideas range from simple, quick and free acts of kindness to super generous opportunities. You will love pulling off these little surprises for strangers and loved ones.

I think our world needs a little magic right now. Why not finish out the last month of this year with 31 small acts of kindness? Your December deserves some Momentum.

Why join us?

  • It’s *free*!
  • You can do it from anywhere.
  • It’s guaranteed to make you feel amazing.
  • You’ll be more aware of opportunities for kindness all around you.
  • You will get to leave a positive imprint on the lives of others.

Who can join?

  • You!
  • Invite your kids (any age) to get involved.
  • Do it as a family.
  • Join as a work team.
  • Get a group of your friends to sign up with you.

How to join: 

  • Sign up.
  • Join our private Facebook Group (not required).
  • Act on each challenge (that you feel called to complete) that you receive in your inbox each day.

It’s so fun do this together. We’ll have a private Facebook group where we share our experiences, ideas and extra resources. So get ready for some extra love, energy and excitement all month long.

A few words from previous participants …

“After doing this challenge for a couple of years, I’ve noticed that I just automatically look for ways to spread a little magic all year-round. I am so thankful that you helped me create that habit.”

“This is making me so aware of others, even more so than before. I am amazed at what I am seeing, what is being shown to me.”

“Thanks so much for this wonderful challenge! It has added so much depth and meaning to this holiday season.”

“This month ROCKS … thank you for bringing all this love and FUN into my life!”

“I love how the create magic challenge just makes me more aware of people around me and things that are happening ~I was in a resale shop today and the lady in front of me wanted to put her boots back because she couldn’t afford them so I asked if I could buy them for her and did! It was awesome to see her face!”

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Questions often asked about the challenge:

You do not have to participate in all 31 challenges. If you miss a day or two, that’s fine! Some challenge ideas might not apply to you or might ask too much of your time or finances at this time. The point of the challenge is to enjoy it and to spread a little more love than you might have normally this month. Don’t put pressure on yourself! Just do what you feel called to do 🙂
Absolutely! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. If we are well into the challenge, then that’s no problem! They will drop into the challenge on the day they join and get the remainder of the days. Share away! That’s an act of kindness in and of itself!
You sure can! Use hashtag #givebackcreatemagic or tag @momentum_coach on instagram or @energize.your.moment on Facebook.

We’ll have a private FB group as well where you can share stories, questions, ideas and additional resources, too!

The challenge itself is *free*. There will be days throughout the month where I challenge you to contribute or give back financially. However, each day is optional. If it doesn’t work for your budget or where you are financially, then modify the challenge to do what you can – or skip that particular day altogether. There’s no judgement here. There are many days that are material donations, acts of kindness, saying a kind word, etc. The goal is just to do more in some small ways than you would normally.
No problem at all. There’s no right or wrong way to do this challenge. Each day’s idea is totally optional. If you miss a few days, just go back and try to catch up. If something doesn’t feel right, skip it. If you just simply don’t have time right now, then make a note and revisit that action item at a later time. The most important thing is that you have FUN and do a few more random acts of kindness than you would typically. Enjoy it!

Spread the love by sharing this *free* challenge