I sat with this note on my desk for over 2 years: “Eat that Frog*”! That pretty much sums up my experiences. Over the course of 3 years through a difficult job transition, Katie helped me to align my life goals to career. Her style encourages a take action approach with accountability steps, specially formulated for her clients. This was not simply a career plan, but a solid set of practical coaching techniques.

Taking the first step, when inertia or a large obstacle is holding you back, is something akin to eating that frog. Once you are done, there is a sense of an opening of new horizons, after taking the most difficult challenge first, whether introspection or simply listing your talents and alignment to your current life situation.

Once I took Katie’s advice, I felt in control of my place, not only in work, but in the things I enjoyed doing, with a clear sense of accountability to stay on course with the direction I had set. I was able to use Katie’s planning and tactics to find fulfillment of my life and career goals.